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Gray skies, empty flower boxes, bare trees. January is such a bleak time, isn’t it? After the riot of the holidays, the first weeks of the new year seem especially cool and colorless. But as a Fort Collins photographer, I know I have only to turn my lens in the right direction to find the sparks of light, the corners of color, the moments of shared warmth. This city is alive, even in the dead of winter. Anyone who has ever been here knows the sights well.

The painted walls in the alleys of Old Town, swirling with music and movement. The annual twinking of lights that illuminate the streets as evening falls early. The little nooks tucked away in the numerous local bars, restaurants, and cafes. These were the elements that John and Jessica wanted to capture in this couples photo session – mementos of this city that has been part of their story for so long, treasures to bring with as they embark on new adventures in another part of the world.

I have known John and Jessica for around seven years now, and I was so thrilled to get the chance to shoot this session with them. Couples photography is about capturing the story of two people. In highlighting the city that has provided a backdrop for so much of their lives, we set up a story of contrast – black and white, gray and color, cold and warmth, night and day. The day was cool and crisp, and the overcast sky perfectly contrasted against the resplendent colors of the city and the vibrant smiles these two shared. These photos show so much of what it means to be a couple, from smiles to secrets to silly faces to serious moments. We spent the day summarizing these moments while capturing some of the more recognizable sights around the city. But to tell the complete story, we needed to wait for darkness. Fortunately, there are many cozy culinary retreats in Fort Collins to pass the time while waiting for night to fall. We ducked into one such hideaway for a few bites and brews as we waited, warming up after spending a cool day out and about the city and capturing a few more tender moments in the meantime.

Then the evening brought about one of the most beautiful sights Old Town has to offer: the annual lights laced over the trees and strung over the little side streets. The flirtatious twinkle of a thousand tiny points of light set against the black of the night sky is dazzling. Such a romantic background provided the perfect fairy tale ending for this day spent capturing their story.

Life is all about contrasts. John and Jessica will soon be making the distinction between old and new as they pursue new adventures and new careers in a different part of the world. I loved capturing the time they have spent in this beautiful place and the love that they share as they face these new challenges together.



  1. Fort Collins is the best place for engagement photos! So many fun spots!

  2. These are so fun!! I love how its as if you aren’t even there. Just a day of being in love!

  3. Julie Livermore says:

    So awesome, I miss Old Town, you got amazing shots!

  4. This makes me want to go exploring in Fort Collins! Great photoshoot!

  5. I love these! Especially the shots with the beautiful lights! I have yet to go to Fort Collins, but these make me want to visit! I love urban portraits!

  6. Crystal says:

    I love love love the second to last shot with all the lights!! It reminds me of the lanterns in Tangled. How romantic!

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