Mason and Brayden Milestone Session | Loveland Child Photographer

I’m not only lucky that I get to see these 2 hams every 6 months, but I also get to call them family! I love documenting their changes, new personalities, and skills! Running, jumping, climbing or even flying! We have a blast every time!

Meet Brayden! He seems quiet at first but is out to have a good time! He loves to keep a good beat while dancing and is up for most anything. After all, he has a big brother to keep up with!

Meet Mason! A whirlwind 3 year old who will chat your ear off and make you laugh harder than you though you could! He is gonna move mountains… just wait!

And they both just became big brothers!!! Stay tuned to meet the newest member of the family!

  1. Nicole Pettit says:

    Looooove! This is so fun. What beautiful shots!

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