These moments bring joy and magic everyday. I'm obsessed with how my daughter has to pick out the perfect tutu for ice skating lessons. Or the way my son will immerse himself in a new Lego set and emerge not long after with it complete with wide excited eyes for his accomplishment. Every stage is a wonder and a flicker in time. Little by little I try to hold onto those moments as much as I can. Their little baby fingers and tiny cries when they were just new. The first babbles and wobbles as they neared toddlerhood. That walk into school for the first time. It's my job to freeze these moments so we can hold them for just a moment longer.

Denver, CO Maternity, Newborn & Family Photographer

I'm Christina :)

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am SO excited you're here. As a mom, I know first hand how important it is to capture those big moments down to the tiny details.


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A snapshot into my life

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You guessed it, my kids are my favorite things (ok, my husband too). They bring joy and magic everyday. My daughter shares my joy in the arts and we will spend hours coloring, painting and creating together. She'll dance to every Disney song while remembering every word.  My son has an amazing ability to build and problem solve while also bringing a smile to anyone's face in any moment.   

My adorable kids


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Exploring the world especially with my family fills my heart. Even before kids, my husband and I traveled often and as our family grew, we continued to explore the world and brought our kids along. Seeing them explore new worlds and cultures, trying new foods and seeing the ocean for the first time continues to light our passion for traveling and opens their eyes to the amazing world we live in.

Sweet air and sandy beaches


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Colorado is known for it's outdoor activities and I am drawn to the unlimited possibilities it offers. By far my favorite is standup paddle boarding. I've always loved being near water, and the peaceful environment it offers bring balance to my days. I take advantage of getting on the lakes as often as I can.
Beyond SUP I love hiking, camping and biking across our beautiful state.

Beautiful alpine lakes

The outdoors

My Favorite Things

Christina was absolutely INCREDIBLE when taking newborn photos of our baby girl. Being 9 days old, we were worried about how she would do, but Christina was extremely patient and poised the entire time. She knew just how to calm her, make her comfortable, and waited for just the right photo opportunity. The studio was stunning, clean, and the outfits/props she used were simple, elegant, and classic. We also took a few family pictures and they were perfect. She truly captured our joy and love for our baby. We could not be more pleased with how our pictures turned out. We will definitely be getting more pictures done in the future!

Newborn session

Sarah and Parker Jane

Christina took my first daughter's newborn pictures back in 2015- and since then has been capturing the most important days of my life. Cake smash, engagement, my whole wedding day! Just 8 weeks ago with me in the hospital the day after I had my second baby girl.
The passion Christina has for her work shows in her relationships with her clients, her quality of work and her attention to detail. She always goes the extra mile to get a perfect photo and make every client feel comfortable. Her photos are hung all around my house and warm my heart every single day... I can't imagine anyone else photographing my family!!

First Birthday Session

Tara and Frankie

Simply the best! She amazing with toddlers and newborns. The photos are incredible and I will treasure them forever!

Newborn session

Tom, Emily and Madeline


You Deserve the best

I begin with beautiful spaces to have your session and premium props to include in your photos. We bring those images to life with beautiful albums, fine art prints and wall art that you will cherish for years.

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