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Big blue eyes, so alert and lively, look around in wonder and joy. A glimpse of tiny baby teeth can be seen as his mouth widens in a grin. A little blue cap, matching the vibrancy of those eyes, tops off his head, then pop! Off with the cap to reveal a shock of blonde hair.

He giggles as he waves the hat around, his vintage suspenders threatening to slide down his 1 year old arms, still a little pudgy with baby fat but growing fast – perfect arms for hoisting himself up in his wide-eyed explorations.

Speaking of which…what’s this? He climbs into the wooden rocking chair, a little shaky, but he gets himself turned the right way, leaning back in pride, looking around. As it tilts back, he rocks it forward again, then back, then forward; such fun! This is the age of wonder! Growing from baby to toddler, reaching new heights, trying new things…there is so much to learn, and this boy is ready to face it all with a smile. He just exudes happiness!

This 1 year photography session was such fun to shoot! We wrapped the little ball of joy and laughter in a vintage outfit with a background of blues and browns to pull it all together, but that smile and those blue eyes were really what stole the spotlight and made this such a fantastic shoot. As a Loveland child photographer, I frequently get the chance to capture multiple milestones with the families I photograph; in this case, I had the privilege of taking little Mr. Marshall’s newborn photos and now his 1 year photos! This happy little guy is the baby of the family, with 2 older sisters and an older brother. His siblings stayed home with Dad today, giving Mom and Marshall a wonderful chance to spend time together. We combined this milestone session with a cake smash – another chance to try something new!

After climbing around, exploring and having fun, it’s time for a different kind of adventure. The little blue cake presents a conundrum at first…what to do with it? Smell it? Lick it? Poke it? After Mom gives him a taste, though, he is all over it. This kid is happy to make a mess out of the frosting – another perk of being one year old!




  1. AJ says:

    What a sweet little ham! Haha love the hat!

  2. Cara says:

    Aw these are precious! I love your approach to photographing young children! So fun!

  3. Kelsey Booth says:

    Ah, I could eat him up! I love the first shot of him diving into the cake. Adorable.

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