When should I book my Newborn Photographer?


You found out you are expecting (yay!) and you begin planning. From nursery design, to prenatal care, there seems to be so many things to schedule. There are books and resources to teach you about your pregnancy, delivery and what to do after baby is here. Information is always changing and I was so grateful for the information that other moms and resources gave me to best prepare for what seemed to be like a fast approaching due date… up until those last couple of weeks of course! Those took 1346549815 days! Although the information was sometimes overwhelming and the to do list was ever growing, the one thing that was a priority after our baby was here was having a newborn photographer capture their first days.

This time was so fleeting that I wanted to make sure it was captured. I was lucky to have a very close friend and newborn photographer capture both of my babies. We talked for months before they were here to plan and to keep her posted on appointments and make guesses on their gender (both of our kids were a surprise!). As I began to photograph newborns more, I found that a mystery to new and expecting mothers was when to reach out to a newborn photographer to schedule photos. A babies due date is just an expected date that they might arrive, but we all know babies go by their own schedule and have their grand entrance on their terms.

So let’s clear the air, because the last thing you need to be doing after your baby is here is trying to reach out to a list of newborn photographers in hopes that you can get on their calendar in the next few days.

To help you out, I put together a few tips on when to schedule your newborn session!



Denver newborn photographerWhen is the best time to book my newborn session?

You’ve made it past the first trimester and you are beginning to share your exciting news! The ideal time to book your newborn session is in the second trimester, typically after your 20 week scan. It’s wonderful to reach out to secure your session early so you can cross that off your ‘to do’ list. Newborn Photographers typically book out months in advance, so waiting until baby is here might mean your favorite photographer is booked and can’t get you on their schedule.

Trust me, I do everything I can to accommodate all inquiries, but sometimes there just isn’t enough time on the calendar. Booking in your second trimester also gives your photographer time with you to plan your session as well as acquire requested props and colors that fit your home and your vision. Now, you can absolutely reach out and to book your session in your third trimester or when baby is here, but your photographer may or may not have availability for your requested date. I will take last minute newborns as I am able and try to hold space on my calendar, but an opening isn’t always guaranteed.



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How do I know what day to schedule my newborn session if I don’t know when my baby will be here?

When you book with me, I mark down your due date and this gives me an idea of the timeframe of your newborn session. However, I won’t schedule your session until your baby is here and scheduled to go home. Newborn sessions typically take place between 7 and 14 days after birth. Of course sometimes this schedule doesn’t work with all babies, as some may need time in the NICU or additional care is needed after birth. In this instance, we keep in contact and we will schedule your session when able. There is no need to worry if baby is early or late, I build unpredictability into my schedule.



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What should I expect between booking my newborn session and when the time arrives for my session?

You can expect to have several communications from me between booking and your newborn session date. I will reach out with a questionnaire to best plan your session, resources on how you can prepare prior to arrival and I’ll check in periodically to see how you are progressing and if there is any change to your estimated due date. There are many details that we plan together before baby is here and the more time we have prior to your session, the more personalized it becomes.



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Are you expecting?

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